Hi! Welcome!

As of right now, this page is mostly empty. However, I do plan to update it as I go along. The ultimate purpose of this page is to upload a webcomic i'm currently working on, as well as have a portfolio of sorts for other artwork I've made. Though the webcomic is the focus.

More information about the contents of my webcomic are listed in the About page. I plan to add more in the future! I also have links to my other social media and avenues to contact me in My Socials.

I don't have much coding experience, so this site will probably remain pretty bare bones. Okay that's a lie I took a coding class in my junior year of highschool but that doesn't mean I remember how to code! Anyways the take away is; don't expect anything fancy. I might make things look a little better once I figure out how but chances are what you see is what's gonna stay.

Well, anyways, thank you for visiting! I really want to share my creativity with the world so even if you don't come back, thanks for stopping by! :D